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To assist minorities in various areas of intercollegiate athletics, while addressing issues specific to those affecting appropriate minority representation for men and women within athletics and athletic administration within intercollegiate athletics.



To support and inspire the ideal of minority representation within collegiate athletics. 


The AMCC’s purpose is to support the best interest in collegiate athletics as well as the Coaches and Administrators who participate as a Non-Profit organization.



The purpose of The Association of Minority Collegiate Coaches is exclusively those allowed for organizations defined under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Within these limits, the specific purposes of The Association of Minority Collegiate Coaches include the following:


1. To promote the ideals of integrity, sportsmanship and teamwork among basketball coaches and the players whom they coach.
2. To unify coaches on issues pertaining to basketball at all levels.
3. To provide member services which address the needs of the coach professionally, emotionally, financially, and physically.
4. To encourage basketball coaches to serve as community outreach agents who elevate moral, ethical, and educational values.
5. To enlighten the public, media, institutional educators and athletic administrators to the fact that coaches are good for the sport and the young people whom they serve.

6. To work with the legislative arm of the NCAA on issues that affect basketball and intercollegiate athletics, in particular identifying issues that not only benefit the student-athlete but also the ability of the coaching staff to work effectively and beneficially within the institution.

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