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The Association of Minority Collegiate Coaches (AMCC), located in Memphis, TN., was founded in 2021 by Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, the legendary two-time All-American, four-time NBA All-Star and United States Gold Medalist currently serving as the Head Coach of The University of Memphis Tigers.


The formation of the AMCC began as a measure for the support of minorities in collegiate sports. Hardaway, organized the association in order to provide a platform to assist with support as a collective group of coaches and athletic directors.

There is a current need for the support of minority coaches in the collegiate coaching space. Our goal is to support the success in the space as well as be an outlet to assist in coaching needs to support the athletic departments, colleges, universities, student athletes as well as the conferences.


We will focus on the quality of interactions, building rapport, establish trusting relationships and move forward to accomplish the overall goal of the Association.

Image by Abhishek Chandra
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